AVS Student- Pavan Nair

Its time to highlight some of our boys…
I would like to feature our student Pavan Nair, who after 3 months of training with us, got selected at ITC Windsor for their apprenticeship program. He has successfully completed the one year training and is working at Raj Pavilion & Dum Pukht. This is what Ashika Theresa D’souza, Assistant Manager Food and Beverage, ITC Windsor has to say, “I have the honour to put on record that AVS students Pavan, Bheemaiah and Puneet have shown great diligence and hard work during the past months towards F&B Service Operations. Their peers have fondly shared their appreciation with the F&B Manager as well. Pavan has been a vital part of the Raj Pavilion & Dum Pukht operational team. The young talents have shown great discipline and
enthusiasm in day-to-day operations and can be trusted upon for operational and administrative work. They have certainly set the standards high for rest of the team members to follow. We are privileged to have them as strong pillars to the team of Food and Beverage at ITC Windsor.”
Natasha Kabra, our faculty who was their mentor says “Bheemaiah, Puneeth and Pavan started off like most other students – very shy, lack of confidence, poor communication skills and with absolutely no knowledge of how the hospitality industry works. Slowly, with a lot of individual attention, each 1 of them grew more confident, knowledgeable and sure of what they wanted to pursue. By the end of the course, they were amongst the top students of the class. We were sure they would get through their interviews with flying colors. During COVID our center was shut, despite poor connections they still logged in for class as often as they could. Today, seeing where they’ve reached with ITC Windsor Manor, makes us absolutely proud to call them AVS students.”